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Hatebreed 2001-07-28

Hatebreed 2001-07-28, (outside Pittsburgh) Millvale Industrial Theater, Millvale, PA

Length: 28 min
Source: AUD - DVDM (DVD5)
1 DVD: 0,98 GB


01 - Betrayed By Life
02 - Empty Promises
03 - Afflicted Past
04 - Under the Knife
05 - Smash Your Enemies
06 - Conceived Through An Act of Violence
07 - Worlds Apart
08 - Not One Truth
09 - Filth
10 - Driver By Suffering
11 - Before Dishonor

Notes: This is a very interesting show. On the Ozzfest 2001 tour, Hatebreed booked shows on just about every off night and brought along E Town Concrete and Sworn Enemy to support them. As it turned out, Hatebreed's drummer at the time quit right before they were too embark on that tour. They enlisted Teddy P, drummer for E Town, to play their Ozzfest sets with them. On this day, E Town Concrete and Sworn Enemy booked a show in Millvale, PA at a DIY warehouse type venue called The Millvale Industrial Theater. The MIT as it was known in Pittsburgh was somewhat notorious as one of the worst venues in the city. It was basically just an empty space, rather run down. What was cool about it was they booked some great underground hardcore and metal bands. Amongst the ones I can remember are Eyehategod, Anal Cunt, Acid Bath, Candiria and Shadows Fall. After playing to 10,000 people at Ozzfest earlier that day, Hatebreed headed to Millvale to join tourmates E Town Concrete and Sworn Enemy for an encore performance to about 100 very true, very happy hardcore fans, no doubt very happy to have saved themselves $50 and still being able to see one of their favorite bands in the most intimate of settings. As Hatebreed started crossing over into more mainstream metal, shows like this would become a distant memory. 

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