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Skindred 2011-06-28

Skindred 2011-06-28, Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany (NFT)

Length: 29 min
Source: AUD - DVDM (DVD5)
1 DVD: 1,92 GB


01 - Stand For Something
02 - Rat Race
03 - Trouble
04 - Doom Riff
05 - Selector
06 - Set It Off
07 - Rude Boy For Life
08 - Pressure (missing)
09 - Cut Dem (missing)
10 - Destroy the Dancefloor (missing)
11 - Nobody (missing)
12 - Warning (missing)

Taper: sckofelng; filmed with Sonw DCR-HC62

Notes: i started taping the show and got into the first row - right next to the speakers and the bassist of skindred. when the extended bridge of trouble came benji just pointed out to me and told me to go to the left side to film the little wall of death he created there. yes he did that! i caught everything so fucking nicely, by far the best taping by me EVER. but then..after set/rude benji came in my direction again and asked me if i really was there only to film the concert. he then told me to TURN OFF the camera and dance with the other people pit.. i tried to tell him that i wanted to do a nice video for the band but he just told me to turn it off.. so i did it and from there on i just went crazy with the other people in the pit